Recovery Picnic Edition!

The final Burly Catch Ups of the year is here. As part of the Sydney Burlesque Gala,

lets get together and relax after an epic 10 days of Sydney's best in burlesque!

This Burly Catch Ups is as flexible as possible to cater to hangovers, gala classes and workshops, families, dietary requirements, hair of the dog needers, cheap asses, cash splashers, lazy bones, and tired ass showbos.

That's right, it's DIY Vegan friendly, family friendly, BYO chill out in the park.

Where: Enmore Park, Victoria Rd, Enmore, Across from the Petty Cash Cafe. In the shade.

Food: BYO food if you want, get a pizza from the corner pizza shop if you want,

order an amazing meal from Petty Cash Cafe and they will freaking call you over when its ready

and serve it to you on a tray that you can take in to the park.

Drinks: BYO soft or hard drinks, or go buy some from the Vic on the Park's bottle shop

What: Bring a blanket, or borrow one from the cafe, I'll bring my vintage suitcase speaker system

and we can play music, I'll even try and source some lawn games for shits and giggles.


Go for a swim at the Annette Kellermen Aquatic Centre if you want. Lounge around in the shade, or be energetic - whatever floats your boat. Lets just get together and celebrate an EPIC year.

When: Sunday 9 December from 11am.

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